Month: February 2020

Loan despite Credit Bureau and low earners

Low-wage earners are people whose wages are barely sufficient to support themselves. Consumers speak of borrowing in spite of Credit Bureau if information obtained from them when securing the loan contains at least one negative characteristic. In fact, the Credit Bureau has data on almost every inhabitant, which are mainly neutral features such as the […]

Holiday loan – finance your dream vacation!

Summer is coming, time for adventure. We work, learn all year long and finally the longed-for vacation is approaching. We have been dreaming for several months how we will spend this special time. If we not only want to relax and recharge the “batteries” for the next year, but also have unforgettable memories, we have […]

Housing loan for singles – everything you need to know

It is no secret that when applying for a loan for a costly purpose, the applicants and their spouses are in a better position. This is especially true for a mortgage, for which the bank has quite restrictive requirements. What does it look like for applicants alone? We present the most important information you should […]