A contract for a specific task – where to look for payday loans?

A contract for a specific task – where to look for payday loans?

The media is more and more often heard about people who cannot find a job or are employed under civil law contracts, who are far from the privileges of an employment contract. It is also said that they have no chance for any loan. Well, loans with a work contract are included in the offer of loan companies! Where to look for such payday pay?

Offers payday loans with work contract

Loans with a work contract - financial support for everyone!

Loans with a work contract - financial support for everyone! You can not hide - stable work is the basis of the liquidity of the home budget. And it's even better if it is supported by an indefinite employment contract. Until recently, it seemed unthinkable that a loan for people working under a specific task or mandate contract would be available from financial institutions. For most, such contracts are worth nothing. However, times are changing and there are so many working in this way that a consumer loan based on a work contract is not unusual. Students, "freelancers", which include artists, copywriters, programmers, translators, graphic designers and journalists are increasingly choosing this form of activity. Thanks to this, they have full freedom of work, they do not have to "rigidly" stick to the set hours. What's more - they don't even have to work in an office to fulfill their duties. Thinking about them, as well as about people who are just entering their professional path - non-bank companies offer loans with a contract for specific work. Continuing, where to look for such payday pay?

Loan for a contract for a specific task - not such a devil

Loan for a contract for a specific task - not such a devil People employed on the so-called garbage can very often encounter a situation where the bank rejects an application for a cash or consumer loan, not to mention a mortgage. This is understandable. Institutions of this type thoroughly examine creditworthiness and if the main problems are low earnings and unstable work, they very often treat the client as not reliable. Therefore, using the legal position, a work contract, unlike an employment contract, does not have employee rights, and all the privileges of Contractors and Contractors are not defined in the Labor Code, but in the Civil Code 1. That is why it is called result agreement - no matter how the work comes about, the final result counts. At the same time, financial standing is just one of many factors that financial institutions take into account when testing a client's creditworthiness. What do loan companies pay attention to?
  • Lender's age - many loan companies offer payday loans from 18 years of age, but sometimes they provide assistance after they are 21, 22 or 23 years old.
  • No debt at the company where the money is borrowed
  • Positive credit history - with the remark that a small back payment does not rule out a chance to get a loan. See: Loans for debtors with debt collectors - payday loans offers

Where to look for payday loans? Quick loans with a work contract!

Where to look for payday loans? Quick loans with a work contract! Currently, most loan companies meet the expectations of their customers and offer online loans targeted at people employed on various contracts. Ba - even people without a job can make a commitment! All they need is a solid income, which they receive on the basis of various benefits, eg pensions, disability benefits, Family benefits "500+" or a scholarship. Here is a list of loan companies that reflect loans with a work contract!
  • Agree Bank - is a very well known loan company. All you need to submit an application is a valid ID, email address and account in a Polish bank. The first free loan for new customers oscillates at $ 3,000 to be repaid within 45 days.
  • MyCredit Lender - offers a popular loan for 61 days with 0% APR for new customers. The maximum amount that can be claimed for the first time as part of the promotion is $ 3,000. Instantaneous delivery without guarantors and completely online.
  • Copy Lender Bank - does not require income certificates from applicants. All you need is 18 years old, valid ID, Polish bank account and mobile phone. The maximum loan amount is $ 10,000 for 65 days.
  • Funding Square Bank - is one of the most popular loan companies where you can get funds without income certificates. It offers a "Start Loan" for $ 0 for up to 5 months.
  • Binary Lender - the company loan is carried out without unnecessary formalities completely online. What's more, when you take out a loan you can have liabilities in other institutions. There is one condition: no arrears!
Loans with a work contract are also a great option to take advantage of the first free loan for $ 0. It means that you give back exactly what you borrow!

What to remember when taking a loan with a contract for specific work?

What to remember when taking a loan with a contract for specific work? Civil law contracts vary in terms of earnings. Of course, there are also loan companies on the market that treat work contracts, assignments or other services as an optional income supplement and do not treat them as the only source of income. However, this is an individual matter, so if you are going to take out an online loan, pay attention to criteria such as:
  • Promotions and discounts - the first free payday loan, discount codes for regular customers will ultimately allow for significantly lower liability costs.
  • Maximum loan amount along with the loan period - pay attention to the amount you can apply for and the time you can pay it back. Remember - measure your strength and borrow only as much as you need!
  • Total commitment costs - one of the most important elements to consider. We are talking here first of all about the APRC, i.e. the Real Annual Interest Rate, taking into account all fees payable by the payday loan.
  • Credibility of the company - if you want to conclude a fully fair and secure loan, check the lender carefully before completing the application! Thanks to this, you will protect yourself against fraud. Check if the company is registered in the National Court Register, has its NIP and REGON number. See also the PFSA, which publishes messages warning of unreliable service providers on an ongoing basis. It also doesn't hurt to check the authenticity of your business address and phone number.
  • Opinions about the company - as important as previous issues are information that appears about a given institution. Although they should be approached with some distance, sometimes they are a valuable mine of knowledge.
  • Customer verification method - a trustworthy company, just like banks, should perform customer authorization. We mean visiting economic information offices, e.g. BIK, BIG or KRS. This means that the lender is trying to borrow responsibly and wants him not to lead to larger debts of the applicant.

No employment contract is no longer a problem!

No employment contract is no longer a problem! In short, these days, a loan with a work contract is no longer a problem. Although it is necessary to meet slightly more demanding requirements than a typical employment contract, it is possible to receive support. A rational approach to the matter is a separate issue. Therefore, answering the question asked in the title: loans with a contract for a specific task - where to look for payday loans? Check the Fine Bank ranking!