A loan from a family? Not any more!

A loan from a family? Not any more!

As the old Polish saying goes: "if you want to lose a friend - lend him money." Although this may be a rather risky statement, it is difficult to disagree with it, because often the help of relatives is the last resort. How about the second solution? Across Lender is a fresh offer on the lenders market, which is based on the family loans community. This is the company's offer in a nutshell.

Across Lender - a new breeze on the loan market

Across Lender - a new breeze on the loan market It is different with borrowing. Some of us have no fear of incurring financial obligations - while others just the opposite. The average blacksmith usually asks for a loan from family and friends. Although these are usually small amounts, in the order of $ 200-500, there are also larger amounts of up to several thousand dollars. Over time, however, the tendency to borrow money from loved ones can be embarrassing and shameful. We value discretion and it seems easier to keep a secret about expenses with people with whom we do not have a strong emotional bond. Therefore, today briefly about the new brand on the short-term loans market. It offers loans from $ 300 to 3,000 for new customers and $ 300 to 7,000 for regular customers.

Family borrowing with young people in mind

Family borrowing with young people in mind Let's start with the basic thing - namely, what the lender has, that it's worth using his help. First of all, the option of extending the loan period by another 15 days deserves attention. For example, if you borrow cash for 30 days, then you have the option of extending your repayment by another 15 days - so until the day you manage to accumulate the required amount. Also:
  • You confirm your identity without transferring 1 grosz or 1 $ to the lender's account. Verification takes place using the Infra service.
  • You get a loan without income certificates.
  • You get huge discounts for regular customers - $ 139 discount on each loaned $ 1,000 (available from the second loan).
  • Across Lender accept the applications of even 19-year-olds.
  • The offer includes a loan for those in debt - as long as repayment delays do not exceed 60 days.
  • If you pay back the loan earlier, you pay lower interest.
  • Mountain trip? Buying new equipment? Presents for the upcoming Christmas? You borrow for any purpose without unnecessary translations!

Online formalities and money in 15 minutes

Online formalities and money in 15 minutes If you need a quick injection of cash, you will apply for additional funds completely online. Excessive bureaucracy? Is out! Across Lender limits the amount of necessary data, requiring only an identity card. This affects not only the quick completion of the form - but also the express decision on granting the loan and the transfer of funds to the account itself. As the company emphasizes: "Your loan is only your business." Therefore, if you decide on a different way of making a commitment - nothing stands in the way. Across Lender offer several communication channels - contact not only online, but also via e-mail or SMS. What's more, you can choose to change the form of communication during the contract period. $ 139 for each borrowed $ 1,000 for regular customers and $ 179 for each $ 1,000 for new customers. This is the lender's proposal.

What to watch out for

What to watch out for It cannot be hidden that each offer has its pros and cons. And it is similar in this case. On one hand, the loan terms are simple to meet.
  • The company provides 100% discretion
  • It offers various forms of communication - helpline, SMS, e-mail
  • You get the option to extend the repayment date by another 15 days
  • Attractive discounts for new customers
  • A quick and simple application to complete
  • No income declarations
  • Across Lender offers loans for those in debt
  • Loan applications are reviewed 7 days a week
On the other hand, the lender is somehow behind the competition. The reason is trivial. No first free payday loan. And despite the fact that subsequent commitments are offered on good terms and interest rates, any welcome costs can effectively discourage the person concerned 1 . After all, we suggest that you calmly consider this solution. Across Lender is a modern company with simple rules and understanding the needs of its clients.