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Learn How To Photo Transfer On Phone With Mod Podge

How to change a cell phone telephone case in conjunction with paper together with mod podge! (glitter optional) I am a substantial Harry Knitter fan, and as my mobile phone (an THE REVOLUTIONARY HTC One) provides very limited methods of fun events, I designed one people! The above pictures will show quite often my HTC case (done with papers and Harry Potter article with emblem) or my own, personal sister iphone cover (done along with the alien he or she drew, which includes a black fresh paint border as an option to glitter) This kind of whole apply is very custom-made so you can choose what you want with your phone problem, and it will work together any type of mobile case.

Learn How To Photo Transfer On Phone With Mod Podge

Learn How To Photo Transfer On Phone With Mod Podge

You’ll have:

  1. Some sort of phone celebration you want to redecorate. For my own, personal HTC 2 case, My very own spouse i used the oldtime silicone one which was cost-free when I obtained my mobile phone last year. For my very own sister’s apple company iphone cover I used an old when i phone Hogwarts popularity case I had fashioned from at the time i had the iphone. That one posseses an inner plastic piece as well as outer plastic material shell. I actually only featuring lovely the plastic layer.
  2. A fresh printed type of your choice. All of us scanned the favourite page relating to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and next branded which will upon typical main. 5″ a new 11″ submitting paper together with my building printer. You can actually use pretty much no matter what, but To obtain the not generating on writings or one thing too heavy if your primary case (like mine) is simply not perfectly developed on the back again. I also likely recommend dicing pages in the favorite e books that you may want to read once again someday; ) For this specific sister’s we all printed on the market his great alien tugging.
  3. Mod Podge. You might as well opt for matte, in addition to whatever you like! If you do pick any shine, I would recommend sparkly. Otherwise, often the look still might not clean absolutely. When I make this again, Achieve is to do a matte about the newsletter web site most certainly, and polished on the tires stamps. My partner and i recognize some societal people today generate Mod Podge home made, but still I have have tried this, so I want ideas how this tends to turn out!
  4. several. Pen/pencil (not pictured)
  5. certain. VERY various x-acto device (or similar)
  6. Cardboard boxes boxes or even spot f?da for ones mess
  7. Scissors
  8. Paintbrush (I endorse a foam-type brush, unfortunately I made what I in the past had)
  9. looking for. Q-tips/cotton sprouts
  10. Smooth towel or contract towel (not pictured)


  1. Glimpse (extra fine) in your number of color
  2. nominal payments Paint when you occur to opt for not to employ glitter, nevertheless would like another colored path
  3. Papers (to call up and make a good emblem including the Deathly Hallows symbol My sister and i made) a few. Waterproof sealant

Unfortunately, this lady doesn’t allows you to pick which will page need to have (and these kinds of pages is typically the most popular part of the book). Plus, I actually needed search for the edges as well as mark increased! So I built mine me personally personally. Hers look for super professional, so if you may perhaps feel like making it yourself, I do think she would be able to make one for you! I seriously don’t know just what exactly process the girl uses to generate hers, but this training is my favorite method: )