Cash loans – How does it work

Cash loans – How does it work

Cash loans are just a trivial thing. It is not difficult to resist the impression that this is a transaction worth paying attention to. Where is the best and cheapest way to apply for a good loan offer? Our latest cash loan ranking will help

What can you take a cash loan at?

What can you take a cash loan at? Cash loans enjoy unflagging popularity. Partly because you can spend the funds on it for any purpose and your own needs. Of course, the ideal patent would be to save a certain amount of money every month. However, there is a long way to go from words to implementation - and most of us, despite our great intentions, are not able to collect enough money. Therefore, to be able to make your dreams come true, realize your plans and pay off unexpected expenses - more and more people are choosing a cash loan, colloquially called a consumer loan - or an ordinary loan. Few people know that in this case, everything goes according to plan, before choosing a bank product it is worth making a comparison of cash loans. Because, while loans are a great way to make your dreams come true - unchecked in terms of APRC and total costs, they can simply not be profitable.

Cash loan - quick decision and money!

Although it is less than a mortgage, a cash loan generates a lot of extra costs along the way. Belong to them:
  • lender's commission - i.e. the amount you pay the bank for "borrowing" money,
  • nominal interest - i.e. a parameter calculated on an annual basis determining what interest you will have to pay for the commitment. They may not be greater than twice the amount of statutory interest,
  • additional fees - e.g. compulsory life insurance, loan insurance, penalty interest for late repayment, loan granting fee.
When using the loan comparison engine, you should direct your first steps towards the APRC indicator. It refers to the Real Annual Interest Rate - so it includes all of the above costs and shows how much you actually pay for the money you borrow. The matter is therefore simple: the lower the APRC, the better the offer! There are other important factors that our ranking also takes into account.

The cheapest cash loan - in which bank? Here is the latest ranking!

The cheapest cash loan - in which bank? Here is the latest ranking! The scenario for applying for a cash loan is very simple. Even a small delay in repayment negatively affects the credit history in BIK - and thus hinders the verification of the application. Therefore, people with large financial problems have very little chance of a cheap bank loan. Remember, however, that the final loan decision belongs to the bank, which reviews the applications individually, taking into account many personal parameters.

Cash loan without certificates - what?

Cash loan without certificates - what? Most banks require documents from their clients that thoroughly verify their income. It is much simpler in the case of cash loans without certificates. You can make this kind of commitment anytime, anywhere, anytime - because it's completely online - on a statement. Thus, the borrower only needs to do is indicate in the application a reliable source of income. It does not have to come from an employment contract. It may as well be: a social pension, a work / commission contract or your own business. To receive a loan without certificates, all you need is:
  • 18 years old
  • Permanent source of income,
  • Own bank account, e-mail, mobile phone
  • ID card
An online cash loan without certificates is mainly offered by loan companies and is associated with the so-called quick payday loan. However, it is also visible in some banks which, thanks to access to the consumer's account, know their credit history, the amount of remuneration and current liabilities. And this is usually enough for the lender to make a quick decision to borrow money. What about new consumers? Here, banking institutions often require the history of a customer's account held at another bank. What if you run a business? And in this situation, you can use such a source of financing your own business. Therefore, contrary to appearances, it is worth considering each lending option.

Ranking of cash loans - summary

Ranking of cash loans - summary Choosing the best loan is not an easy matter. It is not enough to just compare the interest rates offered by banks. You have to remember about other costs, such as additional loan insurance, commission or finally the need to set up an account at the bank where you plan to take a loan.