Holiday loan – finance your dream vacation!

Holiday loan – finance your dream vacation!

Summer is coming, time for adventure. We work, learn all year long and finally the longed-for vacation is approaching. We have been dreaming for several months how we will spend this special time. If we not only want to relax and recharge the "batteries" for the next year, but also have unforgettable memories, we have to reckon with the higher costs of summer recreation. Some meticulously postpone every month to have a large budget for summer madness, others - less precautionary - will have to think about whether a loan for a holiday 2019 will make the dreams of a wonderful vacation come true.

Holiday and vacation loans - offers:

There are at least several options for obtaining funds for the trip - cash loans from a bank, use of a personal account overdraft limit, payday loans (now even available in installments). Let's make a brief review of the possibilities of obtaining money, including the cost of the loan and its availability to the customer.

Vacation payouts

Vacation payouts The loan is the easiest to obtain and at the same time the most expensive. Receiving money requires you to submit an application on the lender's website (it takes literally a few minutes). You do not need any income statement to complete the application - just enter the amount of income you receive. Some loan companies do not even check the data in BIK, but they often check the records containing the data of unreliable debtors. An online loan for new customers usually ranges from $ 200 to $ 2,000. Sometimes the first loan is free, subject to repayment on a specified date. Payday loans are granted for a period of up to 60 days, although the standard maximum loan length is 30 days. Usually the cost of such a loan is high and amounts to approx. $ 200-300 in commission and interest for $ 1,000 borrowed per month, so you should think carefully about incurring such liabilities. The advantage is that you can have money on your account even within half an hour. The payday loan is intended for adults - you must be at least 18 or 21 years old. By default, the borrower must have Polish citizenship, place of residence in Poland, mobile phone, personal bank account and employment. Money obtained from the loan can be used for any purpose - e.g. a dream vacation.

Overdraft facility

Overdraft facility Type of loan for regular customers (also called overdraft). It can be used by customers who have a regular income to the bank account, e.g. due to salary. By default, the amount of debit proposed by the bank is at the level of the client's monthly salary. The conclusion of a revolving loan agreement may not generate costs for the customer (no commission for granting). The overdraft facility agreement is usually concluded for 12 months, but the machine is extended for subsequent periods. The cost of the loan consists of interest accrued on the funds used - each impact on the account reduces the amount on which interest is calculated. The interest rate is four times the lombard rate set by the Agree Bank (maximum interest for cash loans), i.e. 10% per annum. Cash is available at any time - the decision to leave can be made immediately, e.g. when we find a great offer of "last minute" trips.

Credit card

Credit card A credit card is a financial instrument that allows you to use cash free of charge, provided that you make non-cash payments and repay the entire debt on the date indicated on your monthly statement. With a credit card you can also withdraw cash, but then interest is accrued from the date of payment. The funds used from the card limit are usually charged at four times the lombard rate set by the Agree Bank (maximum interest for a cash loan), i.e. 10% per annum. Having a credit card is connected with the necessity of paying the annual fee for the card and commission for cash withdrawals.

Online cash loan

Online cash loan Online cash loan - a cash loan with a simplified procedure for granting funds. The loan is repaid in monthly installments. Such a loan is intended for regular bank customers, with constant inflows to the account. This solution avoids visiting a bank outlet. However, the borrower is checked in the BIK databases and the register of debtors, and the applications processed online relate to low loans in the range of $ 1,000-10,000.

Cash loan in the bank

Cash loan in the bank Cash loan repaid in installments. The condition for obtaining a loan is a visit to a bank branch, submission of a loan application together with a current certificate of employment and earnings, as well as positive verification in the BIK and the Register of Debtors. A cash loan for holidays is usually granted for a period of up to 12 months and repaid in monthly installments. A commission is charged for the loan, and the interest rate varies depending on the current promotion, but may not exceed four times the lombard rate set by the Agree Bank (maximum interest for a cash loan), i.e. 10% per annum. Funds from the loan can be used for any purpose, so even a very exotic vacation can be thanks to it at your fingertips.

A loan from family or friends

A loan from family or friends We should use it only in very exceptional situations, so as not to put our loved ones in an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes they have no free money to lend us, and sometimes they have it for another purpose and they have to give it up to do us a favor. Do not abuse this option and always pay back the money borrowed on time. Regardless of how you raise money for your trip, remember that, in addition to fulfilling your dream of rest, remember to later repay your holiday loans.